About us

Call Home started from 4 friends who wanted to do something for our migrant worker brothers during the COVID-19 period.

Picture of the team

Our story

👋 We’re Meera, Glen, Gloria and David! When Singapore entered the circuit breaker period, we found ourselves grateful for the privilege we had to spend time with our families, but concerned that this ability to connect with loved ones was not shared by all.

The donation drives for SIM cards and mobile phones by migrant worker groups prompted us to dig deeper in how to improve connectivity for the migrant worker population. This eventually led to Call Home being born.

Thank you to...

💜 CMSC, TWC2, HOME for helping make Call Home available to migrant workers in Singapore!

💜 Jason Leow for helping make this landing page!

💜 Dot Ng for drawing the illustrations, and Farhan Shahriar and Sonali Dey for translating to Bengali!

💜 Majurity Trust for seed funding and sticking all the way through our pivots!

💜 Temasek Trust, Twilio, Facebook for grant-matching and seed funding!

💜 better.sg and give.asia for the invaluable advice and media opportunities!